Dr. Ray Eberlein - South Africa

Dr. Ray Eberlein was a member of the Central Drug Authority of South Africa, Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Stabilis Treatment Centre for substance dependents, and also a member of Christian Action for Dependence (an aftercare and support organisation for substance dependents).Ray Eberlein

Dr. Eberlein was also a specialist in the human resources field, a retired Rear-Admiral, a registered Master Personnel Practitioner, a Fellow of the Institute of People Management (SA), and ex-Professor Extraordinary in Personnel Management at the University of Pretoria.

He held a BSc(Mil) degree, several postgraduate qualifications and a Doctorate in Education. Dr. Eberlein’s experience covered the entire field of personnel management from the strategic planning of human resources, through recruitment and selection, to career and vocational guidance, administration, human resources development and labour relations.

He was an experienced facilitator and public speaker on these and other topics and presented papers and workshops nationally and internationally. He edited books, wrote several training manuals, and published several dozen articles on aspects related to the human resources field and to motor-vehicle maintenance and restoration.

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