Dr. Thomas Legl

Dr. Thomas Legl, born 18.6.1959 is an expert in the addiction field with 40 years of experience Dr. Thomas  Leglin treatment, prevention, research and international exchange. As a clinical psychologist, he has been the director of treatment of Grüner Kreis, Austria's largest centre for the treatment of drug addicts for more than a decade. After a period as International Consultant, he founded a private residential treatment centre the Kur-und Gesundheitszentrum Knappenhof which was redefined  after 8 years of successful experience into “Therapiesalon im Wald am Peterhof” providing treatment for addiction and psychosomatic diseases

His work features the implantation of specific programmes for special target groups as adolescents, mothers and children, dual diagnosis patients into the therapeutic setting as well as enlarging the therapeutic setting to nature through outdoor therapies

He has for many years been president of the Vienna NGO Committee on Narcotic Drugs with consultative status to the UN, is a board member of ICAA -International Council on Alcohol and Addictions and long-time president of Euro TC–European Centres for Drug Addiction and Mental Health.

As an expert, he has been involved  in numerous European projects and is a member of the Civil Society Forum with consultative status to the European Commission