The Summer Leadership Academy for Alcohol Harm Prevention 2019

Ljubljana, Slovenia,

SummerLEAHP 2019 is the world’s first ever international summer school for bright young minds who want to take the lead in transforming student environments by addressing alcohol-related harm.

It is a unique hub for youth leaders to develop and enhance their skills, knowledge and capacities in leadership, communication, and advocacy for better and healthier university environments and norms.

The groundbreaking summer program is driven by the students themselves in interactive sessions, facilitated by some of the world’s leading experts and activists in the fields of prevention, science, advocacy, communications, and leadership.

Key principles

  1. Delivering an inspiring and empowering mix of activities that foster: empowerment, participation, innovation, critical thinking and leadership.
  2. Venue(s) drive content and learning experience: provide different locations and spaces that facilitate exchange, intercultural learning and youth leadership.
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