Dual Pandemics – What Will COVID-19 Mean for Hepatitis C Elimination?


Australia is a world leader in its efforts to eliminate hepatitis C and to improve the health of people who use drugs. But COVID-19, on a backdrop of economic uncertainty, anxiety and unemployment has the potential to disrupt our support, prevention and cure efforts – especially given the populations most impacted by hepatitis C and drug dependence are some of our most vulnerable Australians. 

How is COVID-19 creating new environments and challenges? How do we adapt the delivery of services and policy to maximise people’s health, and continue to drive down hepatitis C in Australia? How do we best mobilise communities in our responses?

Facilitated by health reporter Dr Norman Swan, this event brings together affected communities, doctors, scientists, health and community workers, researchers and the public to discuss the immense challenges COVID-19 brings to hepatitis C elimination and the health of people who use drugs, and to discuss strategies to ensure Australia stays on track to become one of the first countries in the world to eliminate hepatitis C.

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