What Works in Reducing Alcohol Harm in Older Adults? Lessons from Drink Wise, Age Well.


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Dr Sarah Wadd

Director Substance Misuse and Ageing Research Team (SMART), Substance Misuse and Ageing Research Team (SMART), University of Bedfordshire.

About Sarah:

Sarah is one of the UK’s leading experts on substance misuse in older people. Her seminal ‘Working with Older Drinkers Study’ identified best practice in this area based on interviews with alcohol practitioners and older people receiving alcohol treatment. Sarah is the academic lead for the Big Lottery funded ‘Drink Wise Age Well’ Programme which aims to reduce alcohol harm in people aged 50 and over. Other research studies have included alcohol misuse that co-exists with cognitive impairment in older people, illicit drug/medication misuse in older people, ‘wet’ care homes for older people, and accessibility/ suitability of residential alcohol detox/rehabilitation services for older people.

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