Wherever you go you take your trauma with you: Recognizing and Interrupting the Effects of Intergenerational Trauma to Improve Retention in Treatment


Time: 10AM Pacific Time / 1PM Eastern Time

Speaker: Dr. Carolyn Ross - CEO of The Anchor Program/Co-Founder of Institute for Antiracism and Equity Consulting

The effects of trauma can show up in how we interact with others, in relationships and in our families. It can also show up in how we parent and even how we manage our money and can even impact our interactions at work. Childhood trauma, racialized trauma and adult trauma are known to increase risk for addictions, depression, anxiety as well as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. However, individuals experiencing the effects of intergenerational trauma may not even be aware of the origin of their behavior or medical issues. These trauma affects can impact the therapeutic relationship and the ability of treatment facilities to retain patients and attract and retain treatment professionals. This session with present subtle manifestations of intergenerational trauma and how providers can help clients and treatment facility clinical leaders can help staff interrupt the insidious legacy of past traumas.

Learning Objectives:
1. List 3 mechanisms by which trauma can affect brain development.
2. Define epigenetics as it relates to intergenerational trauma.
3. List 3 ways in which intergenerational effects of trauma can affect the therapeutic relationship in treatment.
4. Describe three ways in which resilience strategies can help interrupt the effects of intergenerational trauma.

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