Federica Vigna-Taglianti

Associate Professor of Public Health, Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences, Federica Viga-TagliantiUniversity of Turin

Federica Vigna-Taglianti is Associate Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology at the University of Torino. For many years she collaborated with the Centre for Drug Addiction Epidemiology of the Piedmont Region, North West of Italy. She participated in the design, conduction, statistical analysis and results dissemination of the EU-Dap project, including the evaluation of effectiveness of the school-based program Unplugged in preventing tobacco, alcohol and substance use among European adolescents, to the VEdeTTE and VOECT Italian cohorts of heroin, cocaine and alcohol dependents treated at NHS addiction services and in Therapeutic Communities.

She has also coordinated the evaluation of the effectiveness of Unplugged in several replication trials, and she is currently the coordinator of the trial for the evaluation of the efficacy of Unplugged in Nigeria.
Her research interest concerns the evaluation of the effectiveness of treatments and prevention interventions for tobacco, alcohol and drug addiction and abuse, with a specific focus on adolescent health, gender differences, and health inequalities. She is currently involved in a cohort study on mortality and comorbidity of psychotic patients of the city of Torino.

She has conducted several systematic reviews on behalf of the Cochrane Collaboration Drugs and Alcohol Group. 
She has published more than 50 papers in international journals, and she presented results of research in many national and international conferences.