Ibrahim Salim

Ibrahim SalimIbrahim Salim held the position of Treatment Specialist/Expert at the Drug Advisory Programme of the Colombo Plan and was a pioneer in the field of drug demand reduction where he worked for over three decades. He was born in Singapore in November 1964 and gained most of his experience at the treatment centres in the country. His tenure with Colombo Plan began as a trainer on the Universal Treatment Curriculum and was instrumental in building up our current cadre of Master Trainers. He provided technical assistance and guidance to treatment centres all over the world and was able to share his vast experience in treatment and prevention in order to professionalise service provision in Afghanistan and other countries. He was always keen on learning new skills and knowledge to help others struggling with substance use disorders and worked tirelessly to uplift others.

Ibrahim was a hero in so many ways to so many people. He loved his work in the field and he brought his passion to it day after day. He could see the humour in situations that eluded others. He adored children and came alive especially in his work for Colombo Plan on the children's SUD intervention CHILD program. Ibrahim is sorely missed today and will continue to be missed in years to come for his light, his laughter, and the radiance of his desire to serve and heal others.