Connecting the workforce with ISSUP Networks

ISSUP members benefit from joining a global community that provides guidance, training, resources, and opportunities to collaborate. As such, interactions between members can develop in various forms.

One of ISSUP’s main aims is to facilitate collaboration and communication between members in the digital space. Digital technologies have a central role to play here by transforming how substance use professionals connect, communicate, and collaborate.

To enable collaboration in the digital space, ISSUP’s website acts as a focal point to connect the global substance use workforce. As an integral part of the ISSUP website, our Networks facilitate communication and the sharing of knowledge between ISSUP members in a virtual setting.

How they work

Networks are online defined groups designed to allow professionals with a common interest to share information and interact with one another. Members can share links, upload files, comment, like and start discussions within each network. ISSUP has three main categories of network:

Organised private groups. These are invitation-only and provide a collaboration space for identified groups of individuals. 

Self-organising interest groups. These are publicly browsable and provide a space for ISSUP members to share and discuss aspects of their work in prevention, treatment, and recovery support.  Anyone can create or join one of these networks.

Official networks for geographic regions. These serve to provide spaces for discussion of region-specific issues and developments at the country-level. ISSUP also provides dedicated networks for its National Chapters.

Screenshot showing the Prevention Practice network
The Prevention Practice Network is an example of a self-organising interest group.


ISSUP members can join existing networks or create new networks covering a topic of their choice. If you create a network, you automatically become the moderator for that group.

You can also choose to receive a weekly email update of the events, resources, research, and discussions that have been added to the networks you have joined.

Getting started

Learn more about the Networks section of the ISSUP website by reading our user guide here.

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