Development of the Addiction Treatment Workforce in Ukraine by the Ukraine Addiction Technology Transfer Center


The high prevalence of HIV and substance use disorders (SUD) in Ukraine remains a significant public health problem. A well-trained, recovery-oriented national workforce to enhance SUD treatment associated with HIV care is needed to reduce substance use and HIV-related burden in the country.


The Ukraine Addiction Transfer Technology Center (Ukraine ATTC) was established in 2017 to provide training and technical assistance on the intersection of HIV and SUD to support efforts to control the HIV epidemic in Ukraine. Data were derived from Ukraine ATTC initiatives in its first three years of operation.


The Ukraine ATTC’s activities aligned with the Efficiency, Impact, Sustainability, Partnership and Human Rights action agendas of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). A total of 985 participants took part in one or more Ukraine ATTC activities over the three years. Activities included 443 hours of face-to-face training, 28 hours of online training, and 292 hours of post-training supervision and implementation support. Among its most significant activities, the Ukraine ATTC trained a cadre of 35 certified National Trainers (NTs) to scale up training and educational activities on HIV, SUD, and mental health throughout the country. Between 2019–2020, NTs conducted 24 Project ECHO-style trainings with 440 persons.


In addition to training a large number of professionals in evidence-based practices, the Ukraine ATTC facilitated the training of others throughout Ukraine, thus expanding the reach of the evidence-based curriculum beyond its core activities. A trained workforce and curricula promote the sustainability of these efforts and serve as an important national resource.

Yachnik, Y., Pinchuk, I., Blyum, A., Myshakivska, O., Shults, O., Koutsenok, I., Grelotti, D. J., Larkins, S., & Johnson, K. (2022). Development of the addiction treatment workforce in Ukraine by the Ukraine Addiction Technology Transfer Center. Adiktologie, 22(1), 47–52.
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