Validation of the Czech Modified Yale Food Addiction Scale in a Representative Sample of Adolescents: Connections with Body Mass Index and Impulsivity


The Czech Republic records one of the highest prevalence levels of obesity in comparison to other European and world countries. The present study aims to fill a gap in the use of tools in research of food addiction (FA), which is believed to be one factor in the high prevalence of obesity.


A pen-and-paper study was conducted using a nationally representative non-clinical sample of 3950 adolescents aged 11–19.


The FA prevalence rate was 4.1%. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses verified a one-factor structure. The reliability corresponded to KR = 0.80, CI95% = (0.79, 0.81), McDonald’s ω = 0.79 (0.86 for continuous scale). The connection between FA and impulsivity was confirmed using Poisson regression and logistic regression, and the prevalence of FA decreases with lower impulsivity.


The study findings suggest that the Czech version of mYFAS 2.0 is a reliable tool for research purposes with regard to the Czech environment. Further research should incorporate additional personality traits to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the emerging topic of food addiction.

Pipová, H., Dostál, D., Dolejš, M., Kafetsios, K. & Suchá, J. (2021). Validation of the Czech modified Yale Food Addiction Scale in a representative sample of adolescents: Connections with body mass index and impulsivity. Adiktologie, Advance online publication.
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