Issue 2/2021

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This issue of the journal Addictology offers you many interesting articles on addiction, while each article’s research area is very specific. Authors examine various aspects of addiction in connection with marketing processes and media communications, community treatment. The research also focuses on demographic characteristics, examination of behavioural changes, and also preferences of selected communities. Wide range of research themes in this journal’s issue proves a possible solution of addiction in different public and social spheres.

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Client’s Characterization in the Community Treatment Approach: Methodological Foundations and Evidence

Barros, R., Serrano P. I., Tufró, F., Canay, R., Carroli, M., Felix T. R., & Milanese, E. (2021). Client’s characterization in the Community Treatment approach: Methodological foundations and evidence. Adiktologie, Advance online publication.

BACKGROUND: The identity and social representation of people linked to drugs depend on their interaction with the system that collects and analyses the critical data used to describe it. AIM: The aim of this study is to see if by adopting a non-institutional and non-formal approach the drug users’ profile will be different from that in mainstream formal studies.

Biographic Burden and Initiation into the Use of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants from the Perspective of Users: The Qualitative Arm of the ATTUNE Research Study in the Czech Republic
Petruželka, B., Barták, B., & Laštovková, J. (2021). Adiktologie, Advance online publication.
Analysis of Tobacco Industry Marketing and Media Communication in Response to the Menthol Cigarette Ban in the Czech Republic in 2020
Kulhánek, A., Hejlová, D. Slíž, M., & Baptistová, A. (2021). Adiktologie, Advance online publication.
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Behaviour and Preference Changes in Relation to Selected Anabolic Androgenic Substances and Steroids: A Research Study
Bejtkovský, J., & Snopek, P. (2021). Adiktologie, Advance online publication.
Undergraduate Education in Addictology of Students of General Medicine: Study Protocol of a Pilot Research Study in the Czech and Slovak Republics
Volfová, A., & Miovský, M. (2021). Undergraduate education in addictology of students of general medicine: Study protocol of a pilot research study in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Adiktologie, Advance online publication.
Validation of the Czech Modified Yale Food Addiction Scale in a Representative Sample of Adolescents: Connections with Body Mass Index and Impulsivity
Pipová, H., Dostál, D., Dolejš, M., Kafetsios, K. & Suchá, J. (2021). Validation of the Czech modified Yale Food Addiction Scale in a representative sample of adolescents: Connections with body mass index and impulsivity. Adiktologie, Advance online publication.