Flag of Morocco

Drug policy

  • Morocco’s National Strategy rests on the three pillars of: i) demand reduction ii) interdiction and iii) eradication
  • There is a focus on promoting crop substitution of olives, figs and carob for cannabis
  • Morocco has a policy that covers mental health, drug and alcohol abuse
  • There is no availability of special legislative provision and no specialist drug courts
  • There is not a specific government unit responsible for treatment of substance use disorder however there is a unit for mental health and in Morocco SUD falls within this category. There is a government unit however for prevention of SUD.
  • There is no budget line for substance use disorder treatment services.

Treatment and Recovery Services

  • The majority of those receiving treatment for alcohol and drug use disorders are treated within the public sector mental health services
  • There are specific programmes which divert clients away from criminal justice system towards treatment
  • Inpatient and outpatient detoxification services are available for drug and alcohol abuse
  • Most funding for treatment of substance use disorders comes from out of pocket payment

Prevention Services

  • The most important source of funding of prevention services comes from international organisations
  • There are strict checkpoints at boarders and on the coast in order to reduce drug trafficking
  • Special awareness campaigns for farmers about the environmental dangers of growing cannabis
  • Defoliant spraying from aeroplane, burning and mechanical destruction of cannabis crops
  • There are mass media programmes and community and school based programmes
  • Harm reduction programmes include supervised injection facilities and an outreach service for injecting drug users

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