Flag of Russia
Drug Policy
  • The primary aim of the Strategy for the Implementation of the National Anti-Drug Policy (2009-2020) is to reduce illicit trade and non-medical use of drugs through i) disruption of illicit drug manufacture and trade inside the country ii) drug demand reduction by way of improving the prevention, medical treatment and iii) development and enhancement of international cooperation in drug control.
  • There is a government unit responsible for drug and alcohol misuse however no budget line for SUD treatment.
  • There is no government unit responsible for the prevention of SUD however the public health department addresses prevention measures regarding SUD.
  • Tax- based funding is the most important method for treatment services.
Treatment Services
  • Primary health professionals responsible for alcohol and drug treatment are Addictologists/Narcologists, psychiatrists and addiction counsellors.
  • Inpatient and outpatient detoxification services available for alcohol and drug misuse.
  • There are specialist treatment services available for HIV sufferers with drug use disorders.
  • Pharmacotherapy for opioid dependency and alcohol withdrawal.
  • NGO support for alcohol and drug treatment.
Prevention Services
  • Mass media programmes targeting the community and schools.
  • Prevention events are held that specifically target at risk groups.
  • In terms of harm reduction there are no needle exchange programmes or supervised injection facilities however there is an outreach service for injecting drug users.
  • To prevent drug trafficking there are strict border control.
  • There are anti-drug volunteer youth movement, anti-drug public associations and organizations engaged in preventing drug addiction.