Claremont’s UPC Media Summer Institute Programme

Claremont Graduate University is offering one of the leading certificate programs for the advanced study of Media-Based Prevention Science. In intimate-scale cohorts with a favourable faculty-to-trainee ratio, participants build their knowledge and skills in the use of media in psychotropic substance use prevention.

Advanced training in theory-based prevention using the media to enhance effects, and the intersection of prevention science theory and research, along with on-the-ground practice, are covered in depth. The programme culminates with a practicum experience tailored to the current prevention issues of each trainee.

The programme has been designed to cover six key areas of Prevention Science and Evaluation:

  • Introduction to media and their use in substance use prevention
  • The nature of media and theories of media effects                                  
  • Practical application of theories of persuasion in psychotropic substance use prevention
  • Improving the impact of media-based substance use prevention campaigns 
  • Introduction to monitoring and evaluation applied to media campaigns 
  • Practicum: Developing a customized prevention campaign for immediate use
United States