Closing Ceremony of 4 Days Training Workshop of UTC 4 and 7 Organized by MATH & ISSUP Pakistan

Closing ceremony of 4 days training workshop of UTC 4 and 7 organized by Mian Afzal Trust Hospital, Gujranwala Pakistan in collaboration with ISSUP Pakistan Chapter was held at the MATH conference hall. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz was the Chief Guest and Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad,  Director ISSUP Pakistan Chapter and Mr. Sana  Ullah Rathore, Director ISSUP Pakistan Chapter, Rana Maqsood Ahmad, Deputy Mayor of Gujranwala were guests of honor. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz said that ISSUP Pakistan has planned to conduct a series of training for drug treatment professionals in Pakistan and members of ISSUP Pakistan. Mr. Sana Ullah Rathore Director ISSUP Pakistan/Chairman MATH said that ISSUP Pakistan and MATH working together and train the drug treatment professionals of Pakistan. He also said MATH tried its best to provide the learning environment to the participants. He also said that MATH also provided a platform to senior and junior trainers. Mr. Ifftikhar Ahmad said that it was a unique training wherein people came together from different parts of the Punjab province and participated in the training workshop. Hopefully they will pass the upcoming ICAP examination. Mr. Rana Maqsood Ahmad, Deputy Mayor, Gujranwala said that he would like to congratulate MATH and ISSUP Pakistan for such a wonderful training for drug treatment professionals. Mr. Muhammad Jave, Mr. Arshad Javed, Ms. Sidra Khalid also addressed the ceremony.