ICUDDR Conference 2020: Call for Proposals & Save the Date!

ICUDDR Conference

The International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction (ICUDDR) will be holding its annual conference at the Sukosol Hotel in Bangkok Thailand, July 13-15, 2020. Conference registration will begin March 1st. 

ICUDDR is now accepting abstracts for 1.5 hour panel presentations and 3 hour courses.  They have some partial scholarships available for airfare and hotel. There are two categories for which you can submit a proposal.  Please keep in mind ICUDDR's mission and goals when submitting your proposal. 

Mission: The International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction (ICUDDR) supports the rapid improvement in competencies and skills among current and future generations of addiction professionals, to meet the increasing demand for prevention, treatment and public health services. Toward this end, the ICUDDR facilitates networking among universities to promote high quality education and training in the field of addiction prevention, treatment and public health interventions. It also pursues related applied addictions research, outreach and advocacy.

1.    Panel proposal: Three or four linked 15-20 minute plenary presentations on work force development; excellence in higher education; combining research, education and practice; university community engagement; or other topics related to the ICUDDR mission. You may submit a full panel with three or more presenters, or a single presentation 15 – 20 minutes in length, that if accepted, will be joined with presentations on a similar topic.

2.    Master Class or Workshop: 3 hour long break out session. These sessions will have smaller groups (fewer than 50) and are designed to be interactive, fun and skill-based learning sessions for academics who conduct research and teach in the area of drug demand reduction.

Proposals are due March 9, 2020. Please send proposals clearly marked as plenary panel or master class/workshop and in the format of an outline and abstract no longer than a page each. Please attach CVs or resumes of all presenters and send your proposal to eylesc [at] icuddr [dot] com

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