Alcohol Change UK Grants Programme & Research Strategy

Alcohol Change UK have opened a new grants programme alongside a research strategy [pdf] outlining its funding priorities and plans for 2020 to 2023.

The New Horizons grants programme is now open with the first round of grants focused on developing a greater understanding of 'Groups, Communities and Alcohol Harm', particularly those that focus on:

  • Groups, sub-groups and communities that are subject to stigma, discrimination or structural disadvantage by society at large or by the dominant group of identity.
  • Newly emerging or atypical communities (such as gamers, neo-libertarians, ‘sober-curious’ movements).
  • Comparative studies exploring variation in alcohol use and harm across groups, sub-groups and communities, and studies that explore the effects of overlapping or intersecting group or community memberships or identities.
  • The intersection of identity groups, drinking norms and narratives about those norms (“people like us drink like this”).
  • Changes in dynamics, such as the emergence of alternative sub-cultures that reject the drinking norms of dominant group (“people like us normally drink like this, but our sub-group drinks like this instead”)
  • The discourses and framings that justify or promote unhealthy drinking practices and ways in which those framings might be adapted to encourage positive behaviour change.

Project awards will be between £20,000 and £65,000. No single project shall be awarded more than £65,000. The maximum programme fund is £250,000 for up to four two-year projects. The deadline for applications is midday on Friday 31 July 2020. Queries should be directed to NewHorizons [at] alcoholchange [dot] org [dot] uk.

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