Treatnet Family Therapy Feasibility Study in Vietnam

Following the successful feasibility study in Indonesia on family therapy for youths with drug use disorders, Vietnam is the second country that rolls out a similar study as a way to offer more evidence-based, effective treatment alternative for drug use disorders.

The study was smoothly kicked start with a training for treatment practitioners who later provide support to youths and families with drug use disorders.  Unfortunately, when the research team started with the recruitment of patients and their families, they met with a big hurdle: the Covid 19 pandemic was seriously effecting Vietnam at that time and the Prime Minister’s social distancing order was strictly put in place.  The recruitment of patients and their families for the study was put to a standstill.  The team had to quickly put together a plan to develop a leaflet about family therapy and a radio program which is broadcasted bi-weekly to advocate for the program and to generate public interest in the program.

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