Stigma Online Learning

CCSA is addressing the stigma surrounding substance use through online learning.

CCSA have developed an introductory learning module as the first in a planned series of modules on the topic of stigma and substance use.

These modules are developed with the needs of both the general public and professional audiences in mind. The first module, The Sting of Stigma, will introduce you to the concept of stigma, and explain why it is harmful and what its impacts are on people with problematic substance use and substance use disorder.

Learning Objectives

This course will help you understand:

  1. What stigma is and the different types of stigma;
  2. The impacts of stigma on people with substance use disorder;
  3. That substance use disorder is a medically recognized health condition; and
  4. That replacing stigmatizing language with person-first language is a simple step you can take towards reducing the harms of stigma.
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