Schools Can Help Every Student Succeed by Using Evidence-Based Programmes and Practices

Published by
Society for Prevention Research

There has been a call to teach young people social and emotional skills alongside the academic curriculum in schools. Schools are required to promote wellbeing and foster a safe and nourishing environment that caters to the broad range of needs of all students.

The Society for Prevention Research has recently published an education policy brief entitled 'Schools Can Help Every Student Succeed by Using Evidence-based Programs and Practices'  that outlines the steps for implementing evidence-based programmes in schools.

Some of the key points include:

  • There is a need to promote and make known the range of evidence- based programmes. Staff need to be aware of resources that are out there.
  • Evidence based programmes should be delivered in their intended form. This requires staff to have received training and understand the ways the programme should work within a supportive environment.
  • Programme delivery and impact needs to be continuously evaluated.
  • Schools need to develop links between educators and organisations that provide training
  • School administrators need to support teachers by encouraging professional development and offering training opportutinties