Families, substance use and mental health: Report and Toolkit

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Dual diagnosis is the term used to describe people with mental health problems, who also misuse drugs or alcohol.

People affected by dual diagnosis often fall through the cracks of public services, and so do their families. Those cracks are widening as statutory services struggle to spread their ever diminishing resources. With mental health and substance misuse services coming under increased pressure, the weight placed on family members is growing, whilst the already scarce support is diminishing.

To understand how support can be better carried out Adfam carried out a detailed consultation with family members affected by a loved one’s dual diagnosis, asking the people who have lived experience of the issues to help in identifying the most needed, and most appropriate, support for them.

 Download the full report here.

Download the executive summary here.

Adfam has produced a toolkit for families affected by co-occurring conditions. It contains resources and suggestions for anyone affected by someone else's co-occurring conditions. 

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