Prevention Science Journal, Volume 22, issue 6, August 2021

Special Issue: Optimizing the Implementation and Effectiveness of Preventive Interventions through Motivational Interviewing

Issue editors: Catherine P. Bradshaw and Elise T Pas.

Volume 22, issue 6, August 2021

This journal is published in association with the Society for Prevention Research.


  1. Introduction to the Special Issue on Optimizing the Implementation and Effectiveness of Preventive Interventions Through Motivational Interviewing

  2. Mechanisms of Motivational Interviewing: a Conceptual Framework to Guide Practice and Research

  3. Implementing Parent-Teen Motivational Interviewing + Behavior Therapy for ADHD in Community Mental Health

  4. Fidelity of Motivational Interviewing in School-Based Intervention and Research

  5. Examining the Effects of a Brief, Group-Based Motivational Implementation Strategy on Mechanisms of Teacher Behavior Change

  6. Motivational Interviewing and Caregiver Engagement in the Family Check-Up 4 Health

  7. Using Motivational Interviewing to Improve Parenting Skills and Prevent Problem Behavior During the Transition to Kindergarten

  8. A Marijuana Consequences Checklist for Young Adults with Implications for Brief Motivational Intervention Research

  9. Motivational Ruler Ratings among Teachers Receiving Coaching in Classroom Management: Measurement and Relationship to Implementation Integrity

  10. Effect of Daily Teacher Feedback on Subsequent Motivation and Mental Health Outcomes in Fifth Grade Students: a Person-Centered Analysis

  11. Leveraging Motivational Interviewing to Coach Teachers in the Implementation of Preventive Evidence-Based Practices: A Sequential Analysis of the Motivational Interviewing Process

  12. Motivational Interviewing to Promote the Effectiveness of Selective Prevention: an Integrated School-Based Approach

  13. A Motivational Interviewing Intervention for Adolescents in Accelerated High School Curricula: Applicability and Acceptability in a Second Sample

  14. Taking a Motivational Interviewing Approach to Prevention Science: Progress and Extensions

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