Mechanisms and mediators of addiction recovery

"Addiction recovery is a complex, dynamic and non-linear process of change on multiple life domains, and in substance use patterns in particular."

In this special issue of Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, researchers from around the world explore the range of mediators and mechanisms that play a role in an individuals recovery trajectory.


  • Are members of mutual aid groups better equipped for addiction recovery? European cross-sectional study into recovery capital, social networks, and commitment to sobriety
  • Chasing a pot of gold: an analysis of emerging recovery-oriented addiction policies in Flanders (Belgium) and The Netherlands
  • Photovoicing interconnected sources of recovery capital of women with a drug use history
  • The role of social mechanisms of change in women’s addiction recovery trajectories
  • Mechanisms and processes involved in women's pathways into alcohol dependence and towards recovery: a qualitative meta-synthesis
  • Gender and recovery pathways in the UK
  • Recovery and identity: a five-year follow-up of persons treated in 12-step-related programs 
  • ‘It’s not 9 to 5 recovery’: the role of a recovery community in producing social bonds that support recovery
  • Exploring essential components of addiction recovery: a qualitative study across assisted and unassisted recovery pathways
  • New converts and seasoned campaigners: the role of social identity at different stages in the addiction recovery journey
  • Personal and environmental social capital predictors of relapse following departure from recovery homes
  • Maintenance of long-term recovery from substance use: a mixed methods study of self- and treatment-changers
  • Residential treatment and its role in recovery pathways for people with addictions in France: the residents’ point of view

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