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Prices, Alcohol Use Initiation and Heavy Episodic Drinking among Chilean Youth

Paraje, G. R., Guindon, G. E., and Chaloupka, F. J. (2020) Prices, alcohol use initiation and heavy episodic drinking among Chilean youth. Addiction,

Research suggests that early initiation of alcohol use is a risk factor for multiple problems later in life, including heavy episodic drinking and alcohol use disorders.

Prevention scientists are particularly interested in understanding the reasons why young people experiment with alcohol and measures that can be introduced to help reduce alcohol use amongst this age group.

A Study of Alcohol Use Pattern among Married Men in Rural Tamil Nadu, India - Policy Implications

Thirumagal K, Shanmuga V, Samiran P. (2015). A study of alcohol use pattern among married men in rural Tamil Nadu, India - policy implications. International Journal of Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders. 1(3-4), pp.131–141. DOI: 10.4038/ijptsud.v1i3-4.7844
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Alcohol consumption pattern in India varies remarkably from many other countries. In India, most men are abstainers (70% to 90%) while less than 2% of women use alcohol. However, the men who use alcohol tend to drink at hazardous levels. This study examines alcohol use pattern among married men in rural sites spreading across five districts in the State of Tamil Nadu in South India.