LGBTQ+ People and Alcohol

This briefing provides a summary of alcohol consumption, alcohol harm, alcohol treatment, and gaps in knowledge regarding alcohol use among LGBTQ+ people. It uses the acronym LGBTQ+ to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer...

Reaching out: Supporting services to engage with the most vulnerable drinkers

Event Date
United Kingdom

An online events over two half-days

Wednesday 18 October and Thursday 19 October 2023

The people facing the most serious alcohol issues often face the greatest difficulties accessing the support they need. At this online learning event, we’ll be hearing from people with personal and professional experience about how we can reach out better.

Two people reaching to each other

“Alcohol marketing to LGBTQ+ people”

Video and audio recordings
Watch the video of the SHAAP/SARN 'Alcohol Occasionals' webinar, held over Zoom on 24 May 2023: "Alcohol marketing to LGBTQ+ people: Evolving strategies to target identity", by Dr David Whiteley .

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