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Goal Commitment Predicts Cannabis Use for Adolescents in Treatment

Yifrah Kaminer, Christine M. Ohannessian & Rebecca H. Burke (2019) Goal commitment predicts cannabis use for adolescents in treatment, Substance Abuse, 40:4, 496-500, DOI: 10.1080/08897077.2019.1573207
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Background: Commitment to change is an innovative potential mediator and mechanism of behaviour change (MOBC) that has not been examined in adolescents with cannabis use.

Sideal Spanish Language App for Alcohol Use

Sideal is a self-help app available in Spanish for people experiencing alcohol dependance. The app offers advice on reducing consumption and abstinence. The app can be used to set and track goals that someone has set for themselves or one which has been developed with a clinician. If someone chooses to register through the app and begin to track their progress with the help of a professional then data can be synchronised and made available