College Drinking: Prevention Perspectives

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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration
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A recent video produced by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration highlights the harmful consequences of underage and excessive alcohol consumption, and provides evidence-based strategies that can be used in a university setting. The video follows the efforts of Frostburg State University Alcohol Task Force - a group established to reduce underage, harmful campus drinking.

Underage Drinking Influenced by Alcohol Marketing

Avalon de Bruijn, Jacqueline Tanghe, Rebecca de Leeuw, Rutger Engels, Peter Anderson, Franca Beccaria, Michał Bujalski, Corrado Celata, Jordy Gosselt, Dirk Schreckenberg, Luiza Słodownik, Jördis Wothge, Wim van Dalen. European longitudinal study on the relationship between adolescents’ alcohol marketing exposure and alcohol use. Addiction, 2016; DOI: 10.1111.

A new study has found that exposure to alcohol marketing increases the amount and frequency of drinking among young people across Europe. More than 9,000 students in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Poland provided information about their alcohol intake as well as their exposure to a variety of alcohol marketing (e.g. television ads, online marketing, sponsorship of sports, music events, ownership of alcohol branded promotional items, recei