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Drug policy

Guatemala’s Commission against Addictions and Drug Trafficking (CCATID) is the authority responsible for directing national policies for the prevention and treatment of addictions and for preventing illicit actions associated with all forms of drug trafficking and related activities.

Guatemala has the National Policy against Addictions and Drug Trafficking, which has been in force since 2009.

Guatemala does not have a specific stable mechanism to transfer funds or to finance drug initiatives or projects for municipalities or local governments.

Treatment and Recovery Services

The CTA provides children, youths and adults with outpatient treatment and methodologies to help modify the behaviour of anyone so requesting.

Guatemala has a national system for comprehensive treatment and social integration programs and devices for people with problematic drug use, guaranteeing non-discrimination.

This national system includes:

  • early intervention (brief intervention, counselling);
  • crisis intervention;
  • diverse treatment modalities;
  • dual pathology (co-morbidity);
  • social integration and services related to recovery support.

Guatemala has inter-agency and multisectoral programs that promote the social integration of individuals affected by the drug problem.

Prevention Services

SECCATID, through its Prevention Directorate, coordinates and provides training to local governments and stakeholders on drug use prevention and manages drug information through the Community Prevention Program.

Guatemala’s legislation does not provide for alternatives to incarceration for low-level drug-related offenses. However, in practice, alternative measures to pre-trial detention for low-level drug-related crimes, such as possession for personal use, are applied.

The country has not carried out any process or intermediate outcome evaluations of drug abuse prevention programs, nor has it conducted impact evaluations of said programs.

Guatemala implements prevention programs in the following populations:

  • School children and university students
  • Family
  • Community
  • Individuals in the workplace

Guatemala offers ongoing competence-based training in the areas of prevention and treatment, but not in social reintegration.