Refresher Training and Examination on Universal Training Curriculum for Addiction Professionals Certification

On January 6–8, 2020, Education Provider Parahita (Kasih Mulia Foundation) held a refresher training on the Universal Treatment Curriculum for Addiction Professionals at Wisma Samadi in Jakarta. The UTC is intended to enhance knowledge, skills, and competencies of addiction professionals, as well as promote evidence-based practice for the enhancement of service delivery and treatment outcomes. The training consisted of presentations, tutorials, group discussions, roleplays and case studies, to prepare 18 participants of addiction practitioners from across Indonesia and 1 participant from Brunei Darussalam in order to update their skills and knowledge on addiction curriculum. This is intended to prepare them to face the examination on Universal Treatment Curriculum for Addiction Professionals Certification. The examination was held the following day at Wisma Samadi, Jakarta on January 9, 2020, and consisted of 30 participants for the ICAP I examination and 1 participant for the ICAP II examination.