ISSUP Mexico Launch at CIJ Congress

Over 5,500 people joined us earlier this month for the launch of ISSUP Mexico during the 20th International Congress and 50th Anniversary Celebration of Centros de Integración Juvenil (CIJ) in Mexico City. The Congress was inaugurated by the President of Mexico, Mr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the Central Courtyard of the National Palace, where he congratulated CIJ for the exceptional work they have been carrying out throughout Mexico for over 50 years. He also highlighted the importance of the collaboration between the government and civil society in the development of the National Strategy for prevention of substance use disorders called “Together for Peace”.

Livia Edegger, Deputy Director of ISSUP, Carmen Fernández Cáceres, General Director of CIJ, and Andrea Escobar, Program Officer at the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission - Organization of American States (CICAD/OAS) were joined by over 5,500 people from more than 20 countries in the celebrations of the ISSUP Mexico launch. 

The two-day Congress brought together experts and stakeholders from a wide range of fields to present, meet and exchange experiences, evidence and views on the latest research, policy and practice relating to substance use prevention and treatment. The Congress allowed participants to share and transfer experiences across several fields and geographical regions and promoted collaboration. Plenary speakers included experts in various aspects of drug demand reduction including Patrick Ventrell, Director of Western Hemisphere Programs, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), U.S Department of State, Thom Browne, Colombo Plan Secretariat, and Jimena Kalawski, Head of Demand Reduction, Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission - Organization of American States (CICAD/OAS). 

ISSUP Mexico aims to actively promote the creation of both national and international networks, facilitate the exchange of evidence-based, high-quality and ethical research and practices, as well as strengthen the professionalisation of healthcare professionals working in the area of ​​drug demand reduction. Click here to learn more about the Chapter.