More Philippine Cities Join the UTC Bandwagon

Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Program Education Provider and ISSUP pioneer member, Serenity in the Steps, hosted a 6 day Universal Treatment Curriculum training for three major Philippine City Anti-Drug Abuse Councils from October 7-12, 2019. Makati city, Cebu city, and the Municipality of Agoo stakeholders participated in two of the first of a series of UTC trainings that would equip their respective community based recovery programs with evidence based tools.

The UTC 1 (Pharmacology and Physiology for Addiction Professionals) and UTC 2 (Continuum of Care for Addiction Professionals) trainings took place in the mountain resort area of the country, Baguio City. It was organized and hosted by Serenity in the Steps, an addiction recovery and counseling service. Facilitators were Colombo Plan Master trainers Junjun Abella RGC, RC , ICAP III, Veronica Felipe RPSY ICAP I and co facilitated by internationally certified addiction professionals Sarah Araullo RC ICAP II, and Keith Errol Navarroza RC ICAP I.