Challanges and Perspectives in the Field of Addiction Prevention

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

The first professional conference on contemporary approaches and models of work on addiction prevention with children and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Challenges and perspectives in the field of addiction prevention will be held on 26th and 27th of June 2019 in Sarajevo. 

Women in Addiction

London, United Kingdom,

The Society for Study of Addiction (SSA) is pleased to present the launch of a series of short films celebrating 'Women in Addiction'.

The event will be chaired by SSA Trustee Julia Sinclair (Professor of Psychiatry, University of Southampton and Honorary Consultant in Alcohol Liaison).

The Society for the Study of Addiction Professorship

The Society’s key goals are to promote effective policy and practice and to support the development of stronger addiction science. Through its Academic Fellowship scheme , launched in 2012, the Society is enabling high-calibre early and mid-career addictions researchers to develop further and they are now pleased to launch our new ‘SSA Addictions Professorship’ scheme to further strengthen addictions research in the UK. The ‘SSA Addictions Professorship’ scheme will create new addictions professorial positions in

Rethinking Addiction

Ewald, D. R., Strack, R. W., & Orsini, M. M. (2019). Rethinking Addiction. Global Pediatric Health.
Publication Date


Addiction is a complex and challenging condition with many contributing factors. Although addictive behaviors appear to be individual choices, behavior alterations cannot be addressed successfully without considering characteristics of the physical and social environments in which individuals live, work, and play.

ICAAD Paris 2019

Paris, France,

This year, our 4th iCAAD Paris day-conference will address the central theme of addiction and identity.

An opening Keynote and debate will be followed with 9 Master Classes covering important and relevant topics when treating addictive disorders beyond the addiction.

Highlights include

ICCAD 2019


Optimal-ICAAD is a platform dedicated to expanding knowledge, exchanging ideas, advancing wellbeing and the prevention and treatment of Behavioural, Mental, and Emotional Health issues.

This year, iCAAD 2019 is about the realisation of challenging times both at a collective and an individual level. 

Cues Give Clues in Relapse Prevention

Madangopal, Rajtarun, Brendan J. Tunstall, Lauren E. Komer, Sophia J. Weber, Jennifer K. Hoots, Veronica A. Lennon, Jennifer M. Bossert, David H. Epstein, Yavin Shaham, and Bruce T. Hope. "Discriminative stimuli are sufficient for incubation of cocaine craving." eLife 8 (2019): e44427.
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More than 85% of people who give up an addictive drug begin using it again within a year. Relapse can occur following exposure to cues that are found in the environment which trigger the memory of their drug-taking experience.

Western Canada Addiction Forum

Kelowna, Canada,

The Western Canada Addiction Forum serves as an educational opportunity for those working in, or planning to work in, the addictions field.  

The forum is open to physicians and allied health professionals, including pharmacists, nurses and addiction counsellors, interested in expanding their knowledge of addiction and its related issues.