Alcohol and COVID-19 in SA: An Endless Cycle of Liquor Sales Bans Being Imposed and Lifted, or Catalyst for Meaningful Action?

South Africa, South Africa,
Prof. Charles Parry of the South African Medical Research Council presenting for ISSUP South Africa

The SAMRC Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Research Unit is now in its 20th year of existence. With about 20+ core staff based in Cape Town and Pretoria the focus is on a broad range of research focusing on the nature and extent of substance use in South Africa, associated consequences and the multifaced interventions aimed at addressing substance use. The webinar will focus particularly our understanding of the relationship between alcohol use and COVIID-19 and local lessons learned, not only about the linkages between drinking and trauma, but also what needs to be done to facilitate a different trajectory for South Africa in terms of our problem with heavy drinking.

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