United Nations Toolkit on Synthetic Drugs

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The UN Synthetic Drugs Toolkit is a group of electronic resources carefully put together by organisations such as UNODC, WHO and INCB.

The toolkit offers information on key challenges presented by synthetic drugs, covering topics such as prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

There are also guidelines and information regarding training and eLearning.

Claremont’s UPC Media Summer Institute Programme

Claremont Graduate University is offering one of the leading certificate programs for the advanced study of Media-Based Prevention Science . In intimate-scale cohorts with a favourable faculty-to-trainee ratio, participants build their knowledge and skills in the use of media in psychotropic substance use prevention. Advanced training in theory-based prevention using the media to enhance effects, and the intersection of prevention science theory and research, along with on-the-ground practice, are covered in depth. The programme culminates

Families First

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Alcohol Family Alliance

The misuse of alcohol can have serious, and detrimental, effects on the health and wellbeing of children and families. Alcohol and Families Alliance believe current policy does not sufficiently protect family members. The aim of AHA is to reduce the harms experienced by children and families affected by alcohol use.

Alcohol Consumption and Parenthood

Borschmann, Rohan, Denise Becker, Elizabeth Spry, George J. Youssef, Craig A. Olsson, Delyse M. Hutchinson, Edmund Silins et al. "Alcohol and parenthood: An integrative analysis of the effects of transition to parenthood in three Australasian cohorts." Drug and Alcohol Dependence 197 (2019): 326-334.
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Heavy harmful drinking remains one of the leading modifiable risk factors for disease

A Cross-Journal Call for Papers- Substance Use, Misuse and Dependence: Prevention and Treatment

Substance use and misuse affect people worldwide, of all ages and from all walks of life, resulting in a substantial burden of ill health and mortality, and presenting big challenges in prevention and treatment. PLOS Medicine is planning a special issue on this topic and is now calling for research papers from the diverse communities that work to support people and populations affected by substance use and misuse. The aim is to unite clinicians and

The International Guidelines on Human Rights and Drug Policy

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WHO UNAids UNDP and the International Centre for Human Rights Policy
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The International Guidelines on Human Rights and Drug Policy, developed by WHO UNAids UNDP and the International Centre for Human Rights Policy, are a reference tool for policy-makers, lawyers and civil society organisations working to ensure human rights compliance in drug policy.

The 27th European Congress of Psychiatry

Warsaw, Poland,

The 27th European Congress of Psychiatry, organised by the largest international association of psychiatrists in Europe, will take place between 6 and 9 April 2019 in Warsaw.

Psychiatry is facing a generative transition involving the organisation of mental health services, traditional approaches to diagnosis, models of care, and research paradigms.