ISSUP Türkiye Launch & Gaming and Gaming Disorder: Beyond the Obvious

Istanbul, Turkey,
ISSUP Turkiye Launch

ISSUP presents the formal online launch of ISSUP Türkiye National Chapter and presentation on Gaming and Gaming Disorders

Time: 18:00 Istanbul | 16:00 London 

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Join us for the official launch of the ISSUP Türkiye National Chapter, combined with an insightful presentation on gaming disorders by Dr. Yatan Pal Singh Balhara. Moderated by Dr. Mehmet Serhat Yildirim, this event will include discussions into addiction psychiatry and gaming and gaming disorders.

Programme Outline:

  • Welcome and introductions - Dr Mehmet Serhat Yildirim

  • Official opening of the formal Establishment of the Addiction Psychiatry Foundation (BPV) and the ISSUP National Chapter of Türkiye – Rabia Bilici

  • Welcoming remarks by INL & ISSUP – Bill McGlynn, Senior Advisor, INL &  Joanna Travis and Kirsty Fitzpatrick, ISSUP Global

  • Presentation by Dr Yatan Pal Singh Balhara: "Gaming and Gaming Disorder: Beyond the Obvious" 

  • Q&A session

  • Closing remarks by Dr Mehmet Serhat Yildirim

Intended Audience:

  • Organisations in the DDR field in Türkiye, other ISSUP National Chapters, those interested in gaming disorders

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Launch the newly established  National Chapter- ISSUP Türkiye

  2. Define gaming disorder 

  3. Understand the complex effects of the gaming disorders 


  • Dr Yatan Pal Singh Balhara, Professor of Psychiatry, AIIMS New Delhi.

  • Dr Rabia Bilici,Professor of Psychiatry, President Elect, Addiction Psychiatry Foundation of Türkiye. Director of ISSUP Turkiye.

  • Dr Mehmet Serhat Yildirim, Professor of Psychiatry, President Elect, Addiction Psychiatry Foundation of Türkiye. Director of ISSUP Turkiye.

  • Bill McGlynn, Senior Advisor to INL.



The event will be in English with interpretation available in Turkish.



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