Mental Health and Smoking Cessation

Brose, L.S., Brown, J. & McNeill, A. Mental health and smoking cessation—a population survey in England. BMC Med 18, 161 (2020).

Smoking rates among people with a mental health condition are significantly higher than in the general population. 

Research has also found that individuals with mental health issues who smoke are more likely to smoke heavily and extract more nicotine from each cigarette compared to people who smoke who do not have a mental health condition.

Informe Sobre La Sociedad Civil Y El Abordaje De Las Adicciones En El Contexto Del Covid-19

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La Federación de Organizaciones no Gubernamentales de la Argentina para la Prevención y el Tratamiento de Abuso de Drogas

Herramientas, estrategias y dispositivos desarrollados por las Ong’s miembros de FONGA con el objetivo de garantizar la continuidad de la atención psicosocial y educativa en el contexto del COVID-19.


World Drug Day

The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, also known as 'World Drug Day', is celebrated annually on 26 June. The theme of World Drug Day 2020 is "Better Knowledge for Better Care." The field of addressing the drug problem has been 'plagued' by misinformation of many kinds. This year's theme aims at improving the understanding of the world drug problem and at fostering greater international cooperation for countering its impact on health, governance

Overview of University-based Academic Programs in Addiction Studies in Africa

Amalie Lososová, Kimberly A. Johnson, William Sinkele, Isidore Silas Obot & Michal Miovský (2020) Overview of university-based academic programs in addiction studies in Africa, Journal of Substance Use, DOI: 10.1080/14659891.2020.1779830
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Aim: The aim was to map and describe the university-based addiction studies programs in Africa, as part of continuing international research.

Methods: The study was conducted in 2016–2017. The first phase was based on Google and literature search of academic programs through pre-defined keywords. The second phase consisted of an in-depth analysis of characteristics of the identified programs.