The Link Between Smoking and Cognitive Functioning in People with Psychosis

Vermeulen J, Schirmbeck F, Blankers M, van Tricht M, Bruggeman R, & van den Brink W. et al. (2018). Association Between Smoking Behavior and Cognitive Functioning in Patients With Psychosis, Siblings, and Healthy Control Subjects: Results From a Prospective 6-Year Follow-Up Study. American Journal Of Psychiatry, 175(11), 1121-1128.
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The study findings indicate that smoking is associated with poorer cognitive performance and smoking cessation may improve processing speed in patients.
The study findings indicate that sm

Adfam Case Study Call: Inter-parental Conflict, Alcohol and Children

Adfam, Tavistock Relationships and OnePlusOne are working on a project aiming to reduce the impact of inter-parental conflict on children in families affected by alcohol misuse. They are looking for parents, whose partner has had issues with alcohol dependency, to share their story and talk about how this issue affected them as a couple, led to conflict and impacted on their children. This will inform the development of an online digital platform to support other

WCSAD - West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders

La Quinta, United States,

Join us for this premier behavioral healthcare event and see how we’re creating a unique experience through numerous networking opportunities, a challenging and dynamic agenda, spotlighting programs and services, and much more. Enjoy the company of 1,350 of your fellow colleagues from across the country on the beautiful grounds of the La Quinta Resort.

Hazardous Alcohol Use among Patients with Schizophrenia and Depression

Subramaniam, Mythily, Mithila Valli Mahesh, Chao Xu Peh, Junda Tan, Restria Fauziana, Pratika Satghare, Bhanu Gupta, Kandasami Gomathinayagam, and Siow Ann Chong. "Hazardous alcohol use among patients with schizophrenia and depression." Alcohol 65 (2017): 63-69.
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Harmful alcohol use is known to increase the risk of alcohol dependence as well as physical conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and cirrhosis.

Drugs: North West Inaugural Conference

Manchester, United Kingdom,

Drugs: North West is a newly-formed network of researchers from across North West England. The network was established to foster multi-disciplinary collaborations between researchers across the region and to provide a platform to showcase the innovative work of its members. 

Invitation to Participate: How do we support people with intellectual disability and addictive behaviours?: An exploratory study of addiction counsellors

This study is concerned with the experiences of professionals in the field of intellectual or developmental disability, and professionals in the field of addiction in working with people with learning and developmental disability who display addictive behaviours. The study will examine these professionals’ opinions on how equipped they are to identify, work with, and aid this group. The study seeks to gain insight into areas of training and skill building that could be improved to

Reinforcing Behaviour Change in Addiction Treatment

London, United Kingdom,

Reinforcing Behaviour Change in Addiction Treatment' will present findings from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Programme grant which sought to develop an evidence base for contingency management in addiction services in the UK.