CNAD and community leaders meet in Adidogomé

On Wednesday, February 09, 2022, a meeting between Comite National Anti-Drogue (CNAD) and community leaders of the anti-drug coalition was held at the new premises of the Ministère De La Sécurité Et De La Protection Civile (MSPC) Annexe located in Adidogomé.

The exchanges focused on the coalition’s action plan, the difficulties faced in their functioning and the strategies to be put in place for effective intervention within communities.

Following the exchanges, the following recommendations were made:

  • The formation of coalitions on the prevention of the use of psychoactive substances
  • Organizing transmission and restorative sessions on the tool "my brain, I take care of it"
  • The invitation of the coalition to the official launch of the national network of professionals in prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and research in the subject of drug addiction (ISSUP-TOGO).

Learn more about ISSUP Togo and its work here.