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Training on the Universal Curriculum for Substance Use - Implementers Series (UPC1), Core Course for Afghanistan Cohort 2

Colombo, Sri Lanka    18-26 January 2020

By Rogers Kasirye

The workshop started on 18th January organized by Colombo/ INL for the support in undertaking the training programme for Afghanistan entitled Training on the Universal Curriculum for Substance Use - Implementers Series (UPC1), core course for Afghanistan Cohort 2. The participants who attended the workshop were to be equipped with skills, correct attitude and knowledge with regard to the Science of substance use prevention. The facilitators Dr. Isabel Melgar (Philippines) and Rogers Kasirye (Uganda) and Farhad Akabari from Afghanistan.  The specific objectives of the training were to:

Describe why substance use prevention is important; explain what the Critical Themes are and how they relate to the Universal Prevention Curriculum series. Explain the continuum of substance using behaviors and points for intervention and the need for comprehensive and integrated prevention and treatment interventions/services; Define psychoactive substances, their pharmacology, and the levels of progression of substance use.

Participants were expected to discuss the application of theory to prevention interventions with a focus on learning theories and theories of behavior; and also describe the advantages and disadvantages of delivering evidence-based prevention interventions and policies, review and describe the Implementation Cycle and identify the implementation steps in each phase and list the different settings where substance use prevention takes place in the community.

Participants were helped to describe the knowledge, competencies and skills at each level of prevention professionals in order to select and implement evidence-based prevention interventions and policies; and summarize and apply some of the basic rules of ethics to professional behavior in prevention programming. In the end were expected to state at least one personal learning goal. As well as indicate one of the Specialty Tracks for continuing training in prevention in the future.


The main facilitators Rogers Kasirye (Uganda), Isabel Margar (Phillipines) and Farhad (Afghanistan)


participants at the workshop

The facilitators largely used lectures and small group discussion to deliver the content on modules.

The training team used lectures in the main plan to get participants’ reflection verbally on the slide content and allowed them to ask questions, share their experience thus allowing participatory sharing and reflection. This was also echoed in the small groups. The training workshop had a good mix of participants from the government, NGOs, and academia. There were master trainers, education managers, NGO managers, and the faculty.

Bikumbi grace

Symposium on addiction and related Mental Health Disorders 

Held at Imperial Royale Hotel Kampala -Uganda  

AFrabia    Africa and Arabian Countries 

Ahmad Shah

The European Union is proud to launch the AU-EU Youth Hub Call for Proposals for € 10 million! One step more toward implementation of innovative ideas from Youth!

Ahmad Shah

Monthly Newsletter March - 2019:
During this month, Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF) had organized mentorship sessions
for the members of music and drama society in University of Education Township and bank

Ahmad Shah

South East Asian Fellowship Program on Drug Policy 2019

Submitted by Avinash Tharoor on Wed, 03/04/2019 - 15:12



Ahmad Shah

Drug abuse affects all societies worldwide, but the impact differs in male and female. Women and girls comprise ⅓ of global drug users yet are only ⅕ of those receiving treatment.

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How to apply: Submit the story of the nominee by the nominator with relevant proof of works at iyc [dot] youthenvoy [at] iyc-hq [dot] org

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Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network Karachi Chapter Leadership – Karachi was organized first meeting with  Executive Committee on March 14, 2019 (Thursday) at Pakistan American Cultural Center (PACC). 

Ahmad Shah

Glimpses from 2nd Promotion of Peace workshop at University of Education, Bank Road Campus held from 18th to 20th Feb, 2019. During 3 days participants were engaged and empowered of peace activities, role of students in peace building and designing Social Action Projects.

Rogers Mutaawe

In January 2019, two community coalitions in Nansana and Kawempe division were launched as a strategy to reduce substance use and related problems in Uganda. The coalition members have developed logic models and activities that will contribute to these efforts.

Ahmad Shah

The Master of Education (MEd) programme is open to outstanding teachers and educational leaders at all levels of the education system.

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Greetings. Happy to share an exciting opportunity as the brief details are given below:

PUAN Call for Nominations Everest International Model UN Conference 
July 15-19, 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal 


Ahmad Shah

Scientific exchange and international dialogue is taking place in August 2019 in Alpenbach, Austria.

Ahmad Shah

Highlights of 1st 3 Days Promotion of Peace Workshop held with student of University of Education, Main Campus Lahore from 18th - 20th Feb, 2019. Participants were very keen to carry forward the learning through implementing Social Action Projects in their campus. 

Ahmad Shah

This program for students of all academic interests – the arts, humanities, sciences, and everything in between – is free for selected participants, and will focus on creative writing and the power of narrative.

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(Internships - Conferences - Fellowships - Online Courses - Competitions - Exchange Programs - Leadership Programs – Scholarships)

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Call for Applications University of Ghana School of Public Health WHO HRP Alliance Postgraduate Scholarship 2019/2020