Ryan Morales

Introduction to Network

Ryan Morales

This forum aims to share information with youth on how to prevent accidents related to students taking potentially destructive decisions. Members are invited to post information and resources that help students understand how some decisions have harmful consequences. 

SADD, or Students Against Destructive Decisions, is a U.S.-based organization that mobilizes the youth community through activities that include a wide variety of topics, such as substance use prevention, driving safety, suicide prevention, anti-bullying, teen dating violence, and COVID-19 awareness.

We welcome youth from all over the world to join our network and share knowledge, resources, and strategies on how to communicate with others on these topics. 

Further information about SADD and its resources are available on the website, https://www.sadd.org.

Joanne Read

Thank you, Publicity Director Ryan Morales, for your succinct info on our service-learning chapter & what our members' mission entails. SADD is privileged to be a part of the ISSUP forum & look forward to hearing from other members as well as other organizations in our quest to provide & share life-saving resources & ways to overcome destructive decisions.