Mohammad Amir Yagana Azimi

Afghan refuges issue in Pakistan

Mohammad Amir Yagana Azimi - 6 February 2023

Today, the Pakistani police have arrested a number of Afghan immigrants and transferred them to an unknown place.  Among them, at least one person is a member of ISSUP and DDR.  The situation of all immigrants and especially former employees of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is worrying.  Officials, civil and human rights activists should react to this issue.






Nasir Ahmad

This problem is really worrying and unbearable

Ahmad Asas

Hello colleagues, a few days ago, my wife, who has an incurable disease, could not be treated in a government hospital because she did not have legal documents and we could not go to a private hospital.  If I am killed or imprisoned, it is a difficult situation. The last thing, colleagues

Sayed Ahmad Zi…

The situation in Pakistan is very bad, we are very worried, in this situation please support us