James Harvey

ISSUP Kenya Membership Drive (Kenya School of Government)

Shared by James Harvey (ISSUP staff) - 14 February 2024
Originally posted by Radolf Nortey - 12 February 2024
Address by ISSUP Kenya Director
Opening Address by ISSUP Kenya Director

ISSUP KENYA interacted with more than 50 officers representing ministries, counties, departments, and agencies (MCDAs) at the Kenya School of Government in Embu. The Essential Counselling Skills Training, led by the Counselling Department within the Ministry of Public Service, Performance, and Delivery Management, focuses on developing Workplace Mental Health Champions for the public sector.

Participants were introduced to ISSUP and received guidance on the significance of becoming members of this professional association. In discussions with Grace Wanjiku, Secretary Counselling, and GCCC Commissioner, it was emphasized that there is a compelling need to cultivate a workforce with specialization in addiction. This imperative arises from the observation that three out of every four clients seeking counselling services present issues related to substance abuse.

Dr. Pamela, President of ISSUP Kenya, briefed the participants on the pivotal role of ISSUP in professional development. She highlighted that ISSUP offers opportunities for individuals to undergo evidence-based training courses in prevention, treatment, recovery, and other specialized modules. Additionally, being a part of ISSUP provides avenues for knowledge sharing, networking, accessing resources, and active participation in conferences, workshops, and webinars, among other valuable benefits. Jane Mwangi, ISSUP Outreach and Community Engagement, encouraged them to join ISSUP. Over half of the participants were keen to join ISSUP and were given the registration details to facilitate them.

This exercise is one among many activities lined up in the Workplan 2024 with communities in the drug demand and harm reduction being the target population. Strengthening partnerships nationally and across sectors is an agenda of the chapter.