ISSUP Webinars

We are excited to announce our ISSUP webinar series. ISSUP Webinars Prevention

ISSUP Webinars provide opportunities for those working in substance use prevention, treatment and recovery to learn and develop through being in direct contact with experts.

Participate in webinars, review recorded webinars and interviews, Q&A sessions, and use the various resources, tools, materials and documents to inform your own practice.

Please view our event listings for details of forthcoming webinars.

Past ISSUP Webinars

, Jakarta, Indonesia
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ISSUP Indonesia presents Webinar in order to meet the Launch of ISSUP National Chapter Indonesia: "The Forgotten: Substance Use Disorders and Behavior Addiction in Indonesia Amid COVID-19 Pandemic"
, South Africa, South Africa
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ISSUP South Africa and South Africa ITTC are pleased to present their Webinar on The Child Justice Act, 2008 (Act 75 of 2008) and the use/possession of cannabis by children.
ISSUP Argentina - Martin
, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Alternatives to incarceration India
, New Delhi, India
Presented by: Melody Heaps, Igor Koutsenok, MD, Michele WorobiecEvent language:


ISSUP India, in collaboration with ISSUP, organized a webinar on alternatives to incarceration for persons with substance use disorders and opportunities for interventions along the justice system.
, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Presented by: Olha Myshakivska, Kuanysh Altynbekov, Igor Koutsenok, MD, Mariya Prilutskaya, Nadezhda CherchenkoEvent language:


Khary Rigg Kelly Miller Nutrition Addiction Treatment ISSUP
, London, United Kingdom
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Join Khary Rigg, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Mental Health Law and Policy, and Kelly Miller, NTMC, Nutritional Therapist and owner of The Addiction Nutritionist LLC for a webinar exploring the connection between substance use disorder and nutrition.
ISSUP Lebanon Webinar flyer
, Beirut, Lebanon
Presented by: Roman GabrhelikEvent language:


ISSUP Lebanon are pleased to present their Webinar on the topic of Prevention and Treatment during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
, Abuja, Nigeria
Presented by: ADENIBUYAN PETEREvent language:


ISSUP Nigeria are pleased to present their Fifth Knowledge Update Series Webinar on the topic of 'Recovery in Substance Use Disorders: The Family as a Resource'.
, Kyiv, Ukraine
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ISSUP Ukraine are excited to present their Webinar on the role of public organizations in providing assistance to users of psychoactive substances, specifically focusing on the experience of Ukraine for the last 10 years.
, Athens, Greece
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ISSUP Greece held their launch event on March 12th 2021. This Webinar introduced the new National Chapter in Greece in regards to what ISSUP has to offer worldwide and in Greece in particular.