Viktor Petrovych Kolomiiets

Viktor Petrovych KolomiietsFor over ten years Viktor was a manager of treatment programs for the Alliance for Public Health, specialising in OST.

Viktor was a role model of optimism, sagacity, humanism, professionalism, and responsibility for everyone he interacted with in the workplace. He enthusiastically shared his knowledge with his co-workers and was an invaluable mentor for both communities as well as for state initiatives and programs.

With him as part of the team, any initiative or any kind of work was conceivable. Viktor had experience as a psychologist, was a Ph.D. in psychology, and was also a devoted loving husband, father, and son. This is a devastating loss for everyone who knew Viktor, as he was a leader in the Alliance for Public Health for many years in the implementation of substitution maintenance therapy programs and the enhancement of its quality.

He and his team made every possible effort to bring the quality of treatment programs up to international standards. Even during challenging times of war, Viktor personally ensured constant coordination with state and international partners and initiated and implemented beneficial innovations.

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