ISSUP at the UK’s House of Lords: Tackling the Emerging International Threat of Synthetic Drugs

On 14th May ISSUP was proud to co-sponsor an event on Tackling the Emerging International Threat of Synthetic Drugs at the UK’s House of Lords with Police, Treatment and Community Collaborative (PTACC), The Forward Trust, The Nelson Trust and Druglink Ltd.

Thom Browne, CEO of Colombo Plan presented an extensive presentation on emerging threats and changes in synthetics that his work with Colombo Plan is revealing around the work. Following the presentation colleagues in attendance discussed strategies to collaborate to address this issue, strengthen relationships and review awareness of lifesaving initiatives such as naloxone provision.

In a follow up to the event, Druglink Ltd. stated ‘Early intervention and expansion of Out of Court Resolution schemes is key so we can support and educate people at the earliest opportunity empowering them to make informed choices. The timely reports of Naloxone becoming more readily available was very welcoming as the message was loud and clear… Naloxone works, Naloxone saves lives!’

Globally and in the UK the threat of synthetic drugs is on the rise and ever changing. ISSUP hopes that more events and information sharing initiatives such as this one can take place to keep the field informed and avoid any dangerous delay in our response. Awareness, evidence and collaboration are key as we face this increased threat.

A huge thank you to Jason Kew, PTACC, and our hosts at the House of Lords of the United Kingdom for organising the event.