Hafsa Lukwata

Hafsa Lukwata

Hafsa Lukwata Sentongo, is a Medical Doctor MBChB (Mbarara Univ. of Science and Technology; MUST), with a Post Graduate Diploma in Tropical Medicine (Nagasaki University), and Masters in Public Health (Makerere University).

Currently Acting Assistant Commissioner Mental Health and Control of Substance abuse,

Non-Communicable Diseases Department, Ministry of Health Headquarters. National Tobacco Control focal person. Doing a lot of work with policy formulation, in relation to Mental Health, Tobacco Control and alcohol and drug abuse.


Country Report - Uganda, Day 6, 03:17-06:36

Presented as part of the Uniting the global community to face the challenge of addiction event, online, on 17th May, 2022 Abstract: Country Report: Uganda Country Reports Country-by-country reports detailing the current state of drug use...