Sammy Ombisa

Sammy Ombisa is the Director Vitality Wellness EWP Ltd, Founding Director and Lead Coach at Fahari Wellness & Life Coaching, a Certified Wellness Consultant with a background in addictions, psychology, and behaviour change. He is a professional member at ISSUP Kenya chapter and a steering committee member of ISSUP Recovery Allies Collaborative for Africa and Asia (RALCAA), an International Certified Addictions Professional (ICAP Recovery), an Addictions counsellor and INEP Plus global facilitator. Sammy is a TOT for The Allies Link and Lend Inventive Engaging Support (ALLIES) Model, a Certified Wellness Coach and seasoned Life Coach with experience that spans over 12 years. He is Supervisor of Peer Based Recovery Support Services by Addiction Transfer Technology Centre Network (ATTC), and a member of the American Association of Christian Counsellors (AACC) and Mental Health Coach (MHC) by Light University (USA).