Jeff Lee BA MEd

Jeff Lee supports ISSUP as a Senior Consultant. 


Jeff was employed as the first Executive Director of ISSUP to manage and oversee ISSUP’s establishment. Jeff previously worked as Executive Director of Mentor International, a substance abuse prevention focused international NGO with the primary aim to identify, support, and disseminate best practice in prevention for practitioners and policy makers, particularly through their "Prevention Hub" initiative. Before that Jeff was the Director of The Advisory Council for Alcohol and Drug Education, a UK National NGO based in Manchester. He has previously worked with Applied Prevention Science International to support the development of the Universal Prevention Curriculum globally. Jeff also worked as Project Manager for the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards (EDPQS) Phase II project at Liverpool John Moores University where he also undertook a part time role for the ERANID project.

From his initial background as a teacher to his Masters degree on Human Relationships, Jeff has always asserted the role of education and the need to promote personal and social skills and competencies within a health behaviour context as a key element for tackling substance use prevention. His focus has always been to address the factors that result in problematic health behaviours to promote more positive alternatives.

Jeff has undertaken a range of project management work around the world and developed a particular reputation for his project management, training and resource development particularly in the field of personal, social and life skills education. Jeff has worked in more than 80 countries which included consultancy work for governments, the EU, WHO and UNODC.

Jeff has a commitment to communicating the findings from science and research as relevant and accessible to the practitioner and policy maker. Jeff has written and contributed to a number of publications in the field of health and drug education.

As Senior Consultant for ISSUP his focus has been to support the establishment, development and support for its National Chapters and he has recently taken on the role of helping to establish and oversee ISSUP’s Scientific Support Team.