Rasha Abi Hana

Rasha is the Scientific Support Coordinator of the recently established ISSUP “Scientific Support Team”. She joined ISSUP with a wealth of experience and expertise from her work in the mental health and drug demand reduction field.

Rasha has more than eleven years of experience and has a master’s degree in quality management, a Diploma in Mental Health Policy and Services, and is currently studying for her PhD in Public Health. In addition to her English language, her Arabic and French language skills provide a further asset to ISSUP’s work.

Prior to joining ISSUP, Rasha was the Service Development Coordinator in the National Mental Health Programme at the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon where she has focussed on building appropriate, evidence-based initiatives. 

She coordinated the operations in the comprehensive community mental health services and substance use treatment centres. She also assisted in the development of Standard Operating Procedures to support the work of the Drug Addiction Committee and supported the development of the accreditation standards for organisations that offer substance use response services. Rasha is also trained as a trainer in evidence-based programmes for drug prevention professionals.

Rasha’s role within ISSUP’s Scientific Support Team is to help ensure the necessary input and support to maintain ISSUP’s quality provision of appropriate information and services to its members and to the drug demand reduction community.

Outside of work, Rasha enjoys her fitness routine, loves spending quality time with her husband and her young child, and in her spare time she likes playing the piano and singing.