Early Career Award Winner

Sanela Talić  - Slovenia

Leadership in disseminating evidence-based prevention practice nationally and internationally, exceptional training skills which inspire trainees to work even better in practice, an exceptional advocate for evidence-based policies and practices nationally and internationally.


  • Over 7 years of experience in the drug demand reduction field
  • Head of Prevention Programmes - Institute of Research and Development (UTRIP)
  • Involved in a range of projects in prevention, health promotion and healthy lifestyles, social-emotional learning, violence and injury prevention
  • National Coordinator and Master Trainer for European Drug Addiction Prevention trial (EU-DAP), EFFEKT programme for parents, Strengthening Families Programme (SFP) and Boys and Girls Plus Programme 
  • Member and past elected Secretary of the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR)
  • Actively involved in research, delivered key note speeches and presentations at national and international conferences

Research and Publications:

  • Becoña E., Brotherhood A., Calafat A. … Talić S.… (2012). Risk  Prevention during Adolescence Strategies aimed at parents for prevention practitioners and mediators - professional's guide. European Family Empowerment (EFE) EC-funded project. More: www.irefrea.org.  
  • Becoña E., Brotherhood A., Calafat A. … Talić S.… (2012). Empowerment strategies for parents. European Family Empowerment (EFE) EC-funded project. More: www.irefrea.org.
  • Secades-Villa, R., Calafat A., Fernández-Hermida, J.R., Juan, M., Duch, M., Skärstrand E., Becoña, E., Talić, S.(2014). Duration of Internet use and adverse psychosocial effects among European adolescents. Adicciones. 2014; 26(3): 247-253.
  • Talić S. (2017). Preventivne aktivnosti v šolah (Prevention activities in schools).  Šolsko svetovalno delo 2-3/2017. Zavod RS za šolstvo. Ljubljana.
  • Ostaszewski K., Ferić M., Foxcroft D., Košir M., Kranželić V., Mihić J., Novak M., Pisarska A. and Talić S. (2018). European Prevention Workforce Competences and Training Needs: an Exploratory Study. Adiktologie, 18(1), 07–15.
  • Košir M. and Talić S. (2018). Engagement of youth organisations in alcohol-related prevention. Adiktologie.
  • Toolkit for Assessing Social and Emotional Skills at School (Talić S. among other authors) (2018). Printed manual of the EU-funded project “Learning to Be” (https://learningtobe.net/). Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre. Vilnius.